Limburgish needs your help!

Do you have some spare time during the week, perhaps one or even several hours? Do you like reading books or surfing the internet? Would you like to support Limburgish? If so, we would be grateful for your help.

No foundation can exist without the work of volunteers. This has particular resonance in our Foundation, where volunteers help with scouring several hundreds of Limburgish works and websites for words, quotes and expressions. We could certainly use your assistance.

What do we ask of you? To read a little and enter a few words to the open source list of Limburgish words. Click here to find out more. We leave it up to you as to how actively you would like to become involved. However, we do hope that you will find Limburgish research as enjoyable and addictive as we do.

While you are enjoying yourself, you may also come to appreciate some of the beautiful literature that has been written in Limburgish. Are you familiar with the works of contemporary authors, such as Léon Veugen, Frits Criens, Wim Kuipers, Jeanne Alsters-van der Hor? Or perhaps you prefer the slightly older works of Felix Rutten, Fons Olterdissen and Frans Schleiden? Or even the exciting children’s novels by Sjo Notten? Or are you someone who enjoys plays? What do you think of the theatre monologues by Zjèr Bataille/Ger Bertholet? There is an abundant choice. Just browse through the open source compilation of more than 500 literary titles and over 250 plays, musicals and operas.

If this is not for you, then why not explore our open source compilation of internet sources written in Limburgish? From Wikipedia to information about Limburg and its history and language, current local events, carnival and numerous other issues – these are all expressed in Limburgish on various internet sites. You are certain to come across something that sparks your interest.

We say: Gaot mèt us same aon de geng! – Join us! We would very much appreciate your help. To join us now, register here!